How bad is Star Trek Discovery?

I skipped through episode 3 to hear the following lines:

“Hey, where you going?” — To my death, of course, because the plot demands that all unnamed characters act stupidly at all times.

“I’m the security officer. We’re unloading a lot of garbage today.” That’s both highly unprofessional on the character’s part; and very blatant, very crude writing. I would expect more nuance from a makjang Kdrama. Oh well, I hope that the mysterious captain is going to be charismatic enough to pull off the rest of this…

“Recent war injury. They can’t do anything about it if I want to keep my eyes, and, I do. I like to think it makes me….mysterious.”
Well…it kind of does, because I’m not watching any more. Well done, STD.


Author: leighbrackettsland

Student. Reader. Watcher. Dabbler.

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