temper temper

“Nina! Nina, oh God, oh, thank God it’s you.”
Nina bit down the exact opposite reaction–hard–forced a smile-and-nod, and rounded the corner before anyone could tell her to she was not at liberty to do so.
“–crazy, and all our stuff is in the truck–”
It wasn’t enough distance.
“Conny’s still on probation, if they find–”
The landing wasn’t enough distance, and wasn’t and empty, either: there were footsteps coming down and a knot of people at the far end of the “DO NOT PROP OPEN THIS DOOR – IT IS A VIOLATION OF BUILDING CODES TO PROP OPEN THIS DOOR” door that had been propped open with someone’s boot. The boot was empty. Nina checked.
“–we grew it ourselves, it’s ours, they shouldn’t–”
She was striding through the lobby at this point, head down, and people were getting out of her way. Nina said through her teeth, “Where’s my car, Johnny?”
“Nina, Nina, please–please–you gotta help us–you gotta–”
“Where’s my car, Johnny?”
“There’s five guns and a thousand rounds of ammo and ten ounces of weed in the truck!”
That made her pause and remove the phone from her ear to stare at it for a minute. “Where’s my car, Johnny?”
“Where. Is. My. Car?”
“He gave it to them. I dunno! I dunno! He gave it to them. Oh God, oh Nina, please–please!–they’re gonna nail us!”
“I am going to help you,” Nina said, moving out of the way of an incoming pedestrian and exchanging nods. “Turn yourself in right now.”
She squinted across the parking lot. It appeared invitingly nonhazardous.
The sun was very hot, now that morning was passing, and traffic had resumed along the road; but there was no one, and nothing at all moving, within a hundred yards. “Tell them where you were. Tell them everything you saw. Don’t tell them what you tried to do. Say you were drunk and poaching. The police will be able to protect you.”
“They’re gonna nail us for guns and weed!”
Nina sighed. She only felt tired, now; and sorry. “But not for murder.”
“Five people are dead. Murdered. Tortured. Eaten. Because you went out to play soldier with my brother with the monsters in the woods.”


Author: leighbrackettsland

Student. Reader. Watcher. Dabbler.

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