Codex Alera, continued

Book Two: Accadem’s Fury.

Tavi has been at school for two-year time skip and is now thoroughly the Emperor’s man due to brainwashing the curriculum, except that most of the teachers are now thoroughly Tavi’s men. He’s that sort of hero, yeah.

Surprisingly, the promotions handed out last book have actual consequences, few of them pleasant for the people who received them. Isana, who has been drafted into a kind of Roman feminist group, is getting political and personal flak for it. Huh. That’s…kind of interesting, so naturally nothing else happens about it. So, while Some Maneuvering About Something is going on in the decadent deadly Imperium court, exactly what eludes me, this book’s Person Without Any Redeeming Characteristics makes an appearance and Serai (Isana’s native guide to the capital) dies, which is a pity.

Meanwhile, Fidelias still only wants what’s best for the realm, so he’s going to betray the people he betrayed the people who trusted him for in the first place, in order to do this. If that sentence made sense to you, seek professional help.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the not-really-bad son of the last book’s Person Without Any Redeeming Etc., has noticed something strange going on at his place and would like some help. So the other set of heroes and some leftover Noble Savages gird up their loins and HOLY SHIT, IT’S YEERKS.

HOLY SHIT IT’S CREEPY YEERK POSLEEN XENOMORPH BUGS KILL THEM WITH FIRE. (And this is the reason why most people who fight PosleenYeerkbugs choose to wear power armor and carry REALLY BIG GUNS. Yowch.)

Meanwhile not at the ranch, Tavi is trying to nail Catwoman a sexy mysterious thief of mysteriousness who mysteriously mostly steals tasty food. Very mysteriously. And sexily. Meow.

And then there’s some fighting and Tavi Defends The Emperor Heroically, although the only reason the old bastard needs defending is….oh, right. He’s exhausted himself with over-furycrafting…and the reason he’s exhausted…yeah, national security, right. Sure. Whatever. All you need to know is he’s out of commission just long enough for Tavi to Defend Him Heroically, and he’s perfectly fine once it’s all over, not even a summary execution for the cadet who made lecherous advances on his wife.

So, Tavi saves the day. Except that, when all’s said and done, I get the impression that Invidia was far more helpful in cleaning out the rest of the Yeerk-Canims and rescuing the Imperial Guard (what sort of Imperial Guards need rescuing…? Are they not on the right drugs? Perhaps you should execute their trainer…) Why doesn’t she get the Emperor’s Gratitude? Oh yes, villain. I was forgetting.

And then everything’s fine again and the book ends with the hero getting lai…an assignment to Ambassador Catwoman Kitai’s bedr—er, embassy.

That’s as many books as I’ve read and I’m not going to bother to read the rest.

Rated: three frothing mad wolfmen in an alley out of ten.


Author: leighbrackettsland

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