Lady, just put down the tablet and back away slowly

NYTIMES writer just can’t stop thinking about Steven Miller.

He wears skinny ties. He has a loud voice and quiet eyes.


He is clever and works very hard. He has immense privilege. I watch him closely.


Mr. Miller seems to enjoy animosity, so perhaps I shouldn’t give him what he craves. I remind myself that he was once a chubby little baby, with balled-up fists, looking out from his stroller at lights and shadows. Even today, he’s really just a guy in a little suit he has chosen so carefully that it breaks my heart.

I scroll through the images and I’m delighted. “Miller would really hate this,” I think.

Maeve Higgins’ twitter feed is also fairly hilarious.

Unfortunately for her, probably not in exactly the way she intended it to be.


Author: leighbrackettsland

Student. Reader. Watcher. Dabbler.

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