Movies with my Mother

“OK, what’s this about?”
[reads opening scroll]

“Whose mind came up with this?”

“What’s the name of this?”
Raw Edge.”
“I don’t get it.”
“I don’t either.”

“Did they wear high heeled shoes? I always thought they wore boots under them dresses.”

“What is he going to do…I don’t like this…Look! This is too suspenseful! Is that the same guy?”

“Is that…Anne…no…”
“Yvonne de Carlo.”
“Oh. Not an Anne.”

“What’d he do to make her shut up?”
“Knocked her out.”
“I didn’t see it.”
“Maybe he choked her out.”

“Who he?”
“That’s her husband.”
“I guess so.”

“Is that the guy who did what it said in the beginning?”
“No, that’s the guy who punched the guy who was standing in her way.”
“No, the guy who comes into town like it says in the beginning.”
“No, he hasn’t come to town yet.”

“She’s his wife!”
“Whose wife?”
“The guy they’re about to lynch.”
“Oh. Oh! Oh no!”

“How are they going to get away?”
“They ride faster.”

“….was there really a law like this in Oregon?”

“Oh, they’re going after them?…will they get them?”
“This is too suspenseful!”

“She was in A Day of Fury.”
“What was that one?”
“It’s the one with the gunfighter guy and he comes into town.” [note: I just realized how incredibly unspecific this statement really is.]
“Did it have Audie Murphy in it?”

“Yeah, right. Why is she gonna be safe?”
“Because he just lynched the last person who messed with her.”

“They burned up his house? Why did they do that?”
“Cause they felt like it.”
“There’s no need to do that.”
“Well, they had to pillage and burn. Cause the other guy took care of the other stuff.”

“What is he hearing?”

“Oh, the horse was reversing, did you see that?”

“Who’s he?”
“The Gambler.”
“Should’ve known. He looks like a ne’er do well!”


“Where are they going?”
“They’re going up to talk to the husband.”

“What’s he doing?”
“Sneaking in.”
“What’s his name?”
“Oh. Wait, what’s he doing?”
“He’s setting up to ambush her husband when he gets back.”
“At the man’s house?”
“Everyone’s expecting him up at the camp.”

“Notice she doesn’t KEEP the gun.”
“She doesn’t?”
“Oh, she gave it up.”

“He lying?”

“Gee, a gun would be USEFUL, wouldn’t it.”

“Well, he made that foolish law, and she is going to be a victim of it!”

“Why…? I’d go to them and don’t come back!”

“Peeping tom!”

“He came back, he find them, he’s gonna shoot them all. They don’t think he’ll come back.”

“That’s his father? I thought they were just friends.”

“I don’t want to see!”
“It’s ok, she gets away…well actually, she doesn’t….”

“He lying?”
“Uh huh.”
“So what’s the point?”
“He’s checking to see if she trusts him. Then he’s gonna run her horse off.’

“You should’ve made him walk.”
“He’s such a callow, worthless man, he’d have made her walk!”

“Do not shout…for what?”
“Grab the gun and don’t tell him that!”

“Oh!–he’s the one! I saw the bite! It was him, on his arm!”

“She could have grabbed the gun!”
“And then what?”
“She could have shot him!”

“That water looks dirty.”

“People are not grateful at all, I’m telling you!”

“Did he shoot him?”

“Did he kill the other guy?”
“I didn’t think so.”

“Where they going?”
“They’re going to torture him to death.”
“That’s NOT what they promised. They said they’d let him through.”
“Yeah it was, they said they’d let him through after the ceremony. After the ceremonially torturing him to death, they’ll drag his body back home and dump it.”
“He didn’t agree to it.”
“He did! He just didn’t check the fine print first!”

“She is in Indian gear! Smart girl!”

“That candlestick didn’t sure do nothing. I mean, really!”

“Wait, what happened to the old guy?”

“What did you think? I wanted your opinion on it specifically.”
“It was all right…it was unsatisfying.”


Author: leighbrackettsland

Student. Reader. Watcher. Dabbler.

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