Iron Fist eps 1-5

1. Who the hell thinks that corporate espionage is preferable to kung fu action? I mean, that’s the problem right there.

2. The complete amorality of the created world is

3…hang on, I’m watching ep 5 as I write, and HOW THE HELL DO YOU MISS AT POINT BLANK RANGE, BAD GUY, when he didn’t even DUCK? That was incredibly awful. I would also like to point out it is the first action scene, occurring about forty minutes into the episode. The rest? Sodding corporate maneuvering.

Er, back to 2: I find the complete lack of moral agency in characters, situations, and plot to be repulsive. Why should I participate in a world that contains nothing but hopeless ugliness?

4. Danny Rand is a weak character. He has great potential, and I don’t even have an issue with the actor’s fight scenes, but he is (see point 1) INCREDIBLY MISUSED and his character arc is unsatisfactory.

5. I don’t care about anyone, or any scenes except the ones with the karate girl and Danny together. Those are at least interesting. The evil corporate siblings are boring, and also evil. The evil corporate father is entertainingly evil, but only in small doses. I’m not sure anyone else exists in this world. Looping back to #2, this world is SMALL. There is NOTHING THERE, nothing to discover, no sense of wonder or awe; and there’s no one to care about.

6. If you create a world where someone like the Night Nurse has to exist…then that is a world where a complete breakdown of civil society, justice, and legal mechanisms has occurred. NOT having open and complete anarchy makes that whole sub-plot completely break down on further–or any–thought.

7. I just started episode 6. Why is a restaurant doing its own butchering?


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